I’m Different , Yeah I’m Different

This is the start of a venture. Not only for this blog, but for myself. Too long in my life I have been waiting. Waiting to do stuff. Waiting to get out into the world. Waiting for something. They say do what you want whenever, but that’s complete shit, to do certain things you need to be at a certain stage, and I now after waiting so long am at the precipice of that stage. I think I could either be the happiest I have ever been or am at the verge of a mental breakdown. Never has the sky been so bright and colourful, never have I been so infatuated with now (the present) , never have I sung 2 Chainz out loud on the streets of the city at night without giving a fuck about what anyone thinks. I loath him and don’t ever want to support the shit he calls music ; but to put it in his words “I’m different , yeah I’m different”. Yes, I am a critical, pessimistic, narcissistic, contrarian¬†and will always be one. But, I have changed (if only that is a wee bit) and that is good.

This is a beginning and an end, and for once in my life I am glad to see something end.


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