Beans, Brie and Saffron

At first I considered my family members food names to be something traditional and classic like the holy trinity (onions, carrot and celery) but they just are not . They don’t click like that. They don’t click at all. Yes, even though we have spent nearly all of our collective lives in each others presence  ( apart from Brie ) we still feel like total strangers, put together so weirdly it was as though the same producers of Big Brother made a spin-off and choose people with polar personalities to live in the same house together and more importantly be a family.That sounds fun; well yes it is. But much like the later episodes of Big Brother it gets annoying as fuck ( for anyone that is not brain-dead). I wouldn’t argue house life is like the Truman show, but more like an episode of Shipwrecked. Through fate inevitably getting bored of causing huge natural disasters, she decided to fuck around with something on a less epic scale; the family dynamic, and so we end up with circumstance paying our family a little too much attention. It’s circumstance that has brought us all here, not only through making our sperm win the race. But, also stopping everyone leaving and continuing with there own journeys. Circumstance has left us all in the house when the only ones that should really be here are me and Brie.

But ultimately house life is an interesting experience and one that I am not sure if I even hate.

Brie, Beans and Saffron are such apt anonymous food names for all the family members. Because if you squint your eyes and forget about your conceptions about the three tastes you can somehow imagine a dish where they work, deep in the chasms of ones subconscious a dish exist where they all marry in harmony, but sadly you can’t pinpoint the exact recipe and all other combinations taste like shit. Circumstance is a little chef in this mortal coil, and we (people) are all his ingredients to play around with. Yes, Circumstance is a gastronomical mother fucker but even for him our relationships need a good simmer, and as are development is arrested,it is circumstance through his gastronomic ways that is slowly thinking up that perfect recipe.


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