The perfect kind of procrastination

It’s late, and once again I have left it to the last minute to do a mammoth of work. 

Brie checked up on me.

I think she knows I will be awake all night. 

Then I came to thinking if it wasn’t for deadlines, I doubt anyone would do anything of interest. I found myself ironing a dishcloth, making neat the peanut butter in a jar so it was all in line, listening to rain as though I contained a philosophical brain,searched Amazon for wild angle lenses even though the only camera I have is attached to my phone and created a blog.

I love to avoid things that stress me , probably because I am a perfectionist. What the use in trying if it can’t be perfect. ( a logic far from shrewd).

Yes what would I do if it weren’t for deadlines. 

So I sit here philosophising realising the greatest deadline of it all.

Death. Yes that is the deadline we all avoid. 

Life all in all is a procrastination , just doing random things that if you where any other species make no sense whatsoever like travelling to another country, buying a house, watching a video on YouTube, all before the deadline we try so desperately to manoeuvre ourselves around.

And so, I found a force inside me scream. I tensed. I realised I am a perfectionist and just like my work ethic, I could either be doomed to being mediocre or be the best ever. See perfectionist are the people that either create the greatest shit ever or create an excuse for why they have no homework. I have too paths for my life, either I live the dream or I become a bitter old sod that pretends he could care less about everything. I am afraid that is the curse and gift to the perfectionist and when the deadline comes I would liked to have tried.

Then I realize I have done it again. I have just procrastinated. I have just wasted precious minutes. Oh well, being a bitter old sod doesn’t sound to bad.


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