Terminal Laughter

So the family was arguing again, I think this time it was about the news. Such a heated debate that everyone got involved. “Revisionist History”, “Terrorism” ” War”. Dead serious. Beans looked so engaged in the stupid argument she took both of her headphones out of her ears and tucked away her phone. Then she gets fully involved and tries to act all intelligent and better than us.

She moves to get up. ( She always likes to make big points before she leaves).

But I tell her to stay . She rips my hand off her belly “Stop Laughing Hiefer . This is …” and mid sentence she swang her whole body of the sofa. A phone came flying out of her breasts and flew straight towards my mum , the headphones disconnected and ‘You don’t now your beautiful’ bursted out on full blast “…Serious”

Ahhhh how I love politics


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