2013 the year of… STOP IT!!!


I have always been un-enamoured by New Years. Probably because it is essentially a time where we all give ourselves the excuse to blatantly lie; and that is not only regarding everyone’s ‘serious this time’ resolutions. No, the New Year is all encompassing in its egotistical drivel. A New Year brings along with itself a revisionist sentiment towards the last, which time and time again we all manage to fall for, even though the events where literally a couple months ago. Everyone is so desperate to make these lists and countdowns, that they forget the actual significance of any of it.

With an old year gone we must find a way to remember it, and sadly that always is done in the wrong ways. We pick out certain trends and certain events, and summarise a complete year to just that. If  I ask you to describe the 70’s it is pretty much unlikely you will tell me any interesting events that weren’t extremely major, and instead of remembering it in any depth or understanding , you will probably just talk about things like; hippies, blaxploitation, long hair, flairs, punk and the other tropes we have built around that age. We slowly morph huge durations of times, feelings and movements into weird distorted tropes.


If we can do this to a whole entire decade, imagine what we can do with a small year.

‘The 70’s was a time of change’. Now honestly look back on the past year you have experienced and without the droning voices of those darn listers, please try to summarise your 2013, please. See, every experience in such a huge block of time cannot be equated to something as simple as a sentence.

But I will assure you that is what will happen

‘2013 the year of …..’

And that is why I am totally against New Years because in all honesty – it is full of crap. I am tired of people doing the same thing to all of human history (not only just the 70’s). Because history is the most important thing we have to navigate ourselves through the present. History in its nature is repetitive, and if we hold with us no real understanding of what came before it leaves us all lost out here. It leads us to repeating mistakes and it prevents use being able to build ourselves a better society.

I still find it hard to understand why we put so much emphasis on it anyway, all it is is a New Year. Don’t we all realise by now as long as we keep living we are always at the furthest point in human history. We always live in the new. Every day is literally a new day that has never been experienced before. Every second we live is new. Every millisecond is new. And they are all fleeting. Why don’t we appreciate that gift? We live at the precipice of the future. And so we can directly influence the future. We have such power. And if we realise how fleeting the present is more often it may push us off are bums, and make us actually do something. To actually make more changes, and to not confine oneself to a resolution but to do something every day.


Maybe if we drop the significance of New Years and eras in general we would have a much greater understanding of history and a much more exciting present. Or maybe I am once again being overly critical of a mindless, fun event.


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