Learning To Ride a Bike : Overdue, But Worth It.

I hate is when they laugh at it. ‘It is not a joke’ I tell them, but by the time they find out it’s already too late. I am not a man to them any more.

Most men are insecure about; how strong they are, how little girls they pick up, and the size of their cock, but I on the other hand have an insecurity much greater, a gaping hole in a nearly finished package. I try to keep it a secret, but it is time to come out. I can’t ride a bike. There, I said it. I am ashamed. And with curse of anti-cyclism, I am afraid I will always be a child.

However that is all going to change soon. Tomorrow I am going to learn! No matter how ridiculous it looks that I will be a grown person, in a public park, in central London learning what 6 year olds can do with no hands, I am still pumped. Overdue but so worth it.  Wish me luck! And I will keep you updated no matter how many bruises I gain on the journey.


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